Friday, February 20, 2009


Well, it is that time of year at work. Classes are finished, finals are graded, grades are calculated, and there is nothing left to do but throw away the detritus of this year and waste time. The 21st century has brought us a wonderful new way of wasting time- Blogging!!! So, I decided to make a few lists for today's blogpost. The first one is my supergroup:
vocals- John Fogarty
lead guitar- Curt Kirkwood
Rhythm Guitar- Buddy Holly and Joe Strummer
Bass- Mike Watt
Drums- Keith Moon
Fiddle- Jason Kleinberg
Keyboards- Ray Charles
Harmonica- Sonny Terry
Interpretive dancing- me

Tell me that group wouldn't raise the roof at your local sockhop.

My second list is my all-time Field Day team. Who knows what events will come up- could be 3 on 3 hoop, could be tug-of-war, could be competition Pictionary. Anyway, here are the guys I pick on my squad:
Michael Jordan
Jason Kidd
Nolan Ryan
Patrick McCrystle
Walter Payton
Sergei Bubka
Tiger Woods
Satchell Paige
Andre the Giant
Lance Armstrong
You'll notice that my team is heavy on winners.

Alright, I'm off to do the crossword, the Sudoku, the Scrabble, the word find, and to pretend that the Wizard of Id needs three or seven reads to find the humor in it.


Court said...

If you want a list of winners, why isn't Tommie Frazier on your team?

Okiechonburi said...

Tommy who?

Court said...

Oh my:

1. Tommie Frazier, Nebraska
Before Frazier came to Nebraska, the Huskers had only beaten one top 20 team in four years. That all changed as he became the heart and soul of one of the most dominant teams college football ever saw leading the Huskers to a 13-2 record (when he started) over AP ranked teams only losing to Florida State in two Orange Bowls. Even though he missed several games with a blood clot in his leg, Frazier still won 33 and took the Huskers to three straight national championship games, winning two, and coming within a late field goal of winning a third. Fine, so he only completed 49% of his throws, but he threw 43 touchdown passes with only 11 interceptions. By the time he left Lincoln, he was the career leader in total offense with 5,476 yards, touchdown passes, rushing touchdowns by a QB with 36, and total offensive touchdowns for a career with 79. Those stats don't even take into account his bowl performances led by the 199-yard rushing day in the win over Florida.

ommie Frazier, Nebraska (1992-1995) – Great quarterbacks aren’t always the greatest throwers. Sometimes they run real well and never lose. Frazier was the consummate winner, going 33-3 as a starter and leading the ‘Huskers to back-to-back national championships in 1994 and 1995. He was an inspirational leader in Lincoln and for four years, ran the Nebraska option like a virtuoso.

Tommie Frazier, Nebraska – Transcendent moment – 1996 Fiesta Bowl – breaking 85 University of Florida tackles for 75 yard touchdown run and the proverbial nail in Florida’s coffin.

Best college QB ever?
Frazier. The best pure mix of blood-and-guts poise under fire and sheer athletic beauty. The leader of the great Nebraska teams of the mid-90s (with the '95 edition being the best of all time) had equal portions of toughness and excellence, enabling an observer to view Frazier as a physical specimen who also gave it the old college try. The fact that he destroyed Wuerffel--another player you could identify as both a performer and winner of the highest order--in a head-to-head matchup for a national title is the reason Frazier gets the nod.

Just sayin'.

Okiechonburi said...

Being a winner is only part of the criteria. Another part is being sound of body. What if there is a mumbly peg event at the field day and Tommye gets a cut? What are we gonna do then?