Monday, May 5, 2014

Maverick Beekeeper

Well, here I am. Keeping bees. On Saturday I performed a successful hiving of a package of bees. Sadly, I am not very digitally capable, so all I have is one photo of me after the successful hiving. You can see the smile of a job well done on my face. You can also see, in my hand, the book The Circle by David Eggers. I used it to cover the hole of the bee package after I removed the sugar water feeding can that comes with the bees. I always knew Eggers was good for something... I decided to get some bees because my friend Solar Chaucer told me last year up on Lake Bill about how a couple beehives tripled the amount of fruit he harvested from the fruit trees on his property. Intrigued, I started doing some reading. "Self," I said, "you can do this." So I took my daughters, Bubbles and Carlos, down to Sacramento Beekeeping , bought a box, and ordered a package of bees. We built the box and painted it. I let Bubbles and Carlos choose the colors. We decided on a camoflague(ish) of brown, green, and gold (ish). I don't think I took any photos of that event, but I am going to try to better document this new undertaking henceforth... Back to the bees. Or rather, the beesuit. Even though I am a rogue beekeeper, I was very concerned about being fashion appropriate while working with my new ladyfrens. Solar suggested coveralls for all the pockets they offer. Looking for a dowel at Emigh Hardware last week, I stumbled upon apair of white coveralls made for a Shaquille Oneal-sized painter. Sweeeeet! Now, not only am I covered head to toe in white, I also sport the sagging look favored by most of the sophomers that I teach. Tomorrow will be day 3 of the the new hive. I am supposed to open the hive and check to make sure the queen has been released from her cage. I'll try to take some photos.


Jake Whiteley said...

The bee suit would look much more dashing if you tied a colorful scarf around your waist.
More importantly, I am concerned about the color of your hive. You should definitely paint but keep to the lighter pastels as heat reflection is important during the summer.
-- SC

David Riedel said...

See that - Solar Chaucer DOES have the info when it comes to bees.
Maybe the problem with bees around the world will be simply fixed if everyone starts wearing lighter pastels and sends the black back to the 80's.

timothy mccrystle said...
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timothy mccrystle said...

I will definitely get a colorful sash, but I will most likely wear it around my neck and not my waist. Solid advice. As far as the color of the hive goes, the guy at the shop said it would be okay, and I have seen some hives painted green, but I will keep an eye on things.